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Saturday, March 8, 2008

From draft to design

This project started as a logo revamping. I only had the verbal description of the existing logo, which in a way was nice because I could resist the temptation of doing something too closely related to what already existed. First, came my first image of the logo (top left), then two projects, going towards more and more simplicity. The logo on the top right keeps 4 wave crests as a symbol for the 4 founding partners of the company.

The last project turns the drakkar, a fairly traditional warfare symbol into a symbol for a travel agency into a much softer symbol, with a human (woman in this case) face in the sail.
One of the signs it is a good logo is when you reduce it to a 32x32 miniature. If the logo can be identified at that size, you've got a winner.

The project is still pending final approval.

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