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Thursday, December 2, 2010

There was once a logo...

The logo did not feature the name of the organisation who owned it. Let's call them the Little House. Back then, I did some work for another organisation (let's call them the Big News place), who had this logo on its website.

Unfortunately, the Little House people were not well known. So unlike Nike, Apple or other organisations with a well established name, when people saw the Little House logo (which was a little house), they saw a little house, but did not know what it meant, or what the Little House organisation did, or what they stood for.

So Big News were happy to have achieved recognition from Little House, they were proud to show the logo on their site, but no one who saw that Little House knew. Or could know.

We checked with Little House, to find out if they had a logo with their name on it, but no. So the Big News CEO told me to take a small gif (200 pixels wide or something) with the Little House logo and take any Windows font, open the gif in MS Paint and write underneath what Little House was for. I protested, saying that the logo was not theirs, that if Little House was not known, it was not Big News' job to promote them or edit their marketing assets, that it certainly was a mistake of Little House not to be more recognizable. And then I had to choose between what I thought was right and what I was paid for.
This is simply to remind all logo designers:
1) a good logo does not replace marketing, it only supports it
2) "He who pays calls the tune"

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